About Reviewsbeta

Launched in 2022, Reviewsbeta is notably one of the fastest-growing communities for Amazon deals. We are consistently innovating, staying ahead of the curve in tech trends and product ideas. We select the best offers from Amazon and provide discounts and product testing opportunities exclusively for our users.

Our Mission

Save Your Time & Money

We often share our exciting newly discovered products or ideas on our website, which helps users save time when catching up on trends. At the same time, we offer numerous trial opportunities or discounts on products to help them save the wallet.

Introducing Fashion and Life Quality

We provide products which integrate beauty with practicability, adding more convenience to people’s life. Utilizing strict product control, we satisfy our customers with authentic, high quality products adhering to high safety standards and on track with the latest lifestyle concepts.


New technologies and product ideas mean nothing if their practicality goes unnoticed by customers. We connect thousands of brands with many customers on Amazon. With an increasing number of brands joining Reviewsbeta, our users will save more on Amazon and new stores can grow and flourish.

Meet the Team

Reviewsbeta was created by a group of young, tasteful individuals who have a mission to help users improve their life quality. Our talented leadership team has extensive experience and knowledge of the market. Together, we share the spirit of continuously optimizing our services through the latest data and technologies to maximize value for our users.